My main goal in life is achieving persistent states of happiness.

This may be a new concept for you, but if you take a look inside and observe yourself: What is it that you are constantly trying to achieve?

A state or feeling of happiness or contentment, isn’t it?

Food, love, friends, family, entertainment, TV, movies, sleep, hobbies, work, exercise, even money, power, knowledge, meaning, passions, success, fame, alcohol, drugs, sex and rock and roll – aren’t they all external means and influences on our brain, consciousness, mood, and emotions to achieve a state of internal happiness?

Yes? It’s true, right? You are your best proof, aren’t you?

So if happiness is what we are constantly searching for in the external world, have you ever asked yourself why you are not internally happy in the first place?

Like a baby? waking up, smiling, feeling happy, fulfilled and content with the basics of life and somebody lovingly smiling at you? The sun shines, your life, state of being and the world is perfect?

Why is that not our standard modus of operation?

What happened that took this happiness away from us which obviously most of us had a small babies?

And why is it that all our lives we spent a fortune and sacrifice almost all our time, energy, resources and awareness to achieve a little glimpse of happiness in our hearts for a fleeting moment? An evening or hour?

Now – what if this race for happiness is what actually contributes to our destroying the planet, racing for resources, spreading empires around the world and running in everlasting hamster wheels to fulfill the emptiness we feel inside if we don’t manage to make us happy by external means?

This is wild, isn’t it?

Think about it!

A whole world-wide system and industry built around it…

Isn’t it crazy?

Are we out of control? Addicted to happiness?

Is there a way out?

Well, if we all strive for it and admit it, we could as well do it wisely, don’t you think?

What I mean is first admitting that we do and not downplay it, but acknowledge it.

And then do it wisely, from the inside. For good, by clearing out what makes us unhappy.

What if we have been piled up with so much conditioning that we would be simply happy if we weren’t?

What if all it takes to clear out unhappiness from the heart is to acknowledge the things that happened to us, that hurt us, that numbed us, that bothered or smothered us, that explained the world and our interaction with it to us and allow ourselves to feel the uncomfortable feelings we were told to or thought we had to suppress?

What if it is actually not that difficult to become happy?

And then imagine you were – waking up and simply being happy. Just like that. From your heart. Like it used to be in the old days when we grew up.

Without having to spend all of our lifetime chasing it, but having it, owing it, living with it, carrying it in you and with you wherever you go. Supporting you and holding you every moment of your life.

How cool would that be?

What else would you need? A couple loving friends and family, some good food, a nice environment, safety and freedom and that’s it, right?

No wars, hatred, violence, power, amassing of riches, running after money all day long, showing off how cool you are, competing with others, drowning in parties, drugs and dopamine stimulants.. None of that, right?

Would that be a better world?

Do you think that could be a world where we could live in peace with each other and nature and respect and love each other?

Maybe its a dream, but I would like to say I’m pretty close.

I wake up happy now.

Refresh it once or twice during the day and usually go to bed happy.

It took some work, but I am the living example that it is possible.

The more I learned effective techniques, the faster I began racing towards the goal…

What can take some people a lifetime of mediation in a solitary monastery can now be reached in a couple of years, months, maybe even weeks?

It certainly depends on where you are in your journey.

But if this sounds fascinating to you and you are interested in this for yourself, contact me!

I can help you along the way, be your guide and coach and cut decades off doing it all by yourself reading books from a hundred years ago…

If you really want it, ask for help!