Welcome, Friends!

If you are searching for persistent and sustainable health, happiness and solutions for the problems plaguing us and our world, you are on the right path!

Who are we? Why are we here? What is our purpose? Why are we sick? Why are we destroying our world?

All my life I had been searching.

For healing, for happiness, for answers, for truth, for the secrets of this world.

My search first led me to study design, architecture, nature, history, religious studies, natural medicines, Tai-Chi, Tantric Yoga, Kriya Yoga and advanced meditation, Zen Meditation and alternative life concepts, such as community and sustainable living.

I then found the perfect timeless design that I had been looking for in nature and went on to study Landscape Planning with a focus on Landscape Architecture, Garden Design, Botany, Garden history, Public Space Design, Resource Management and Environmental restoration and rehabilitation at the Technical University Berlin, Germany with internships in Auroville, India and the Negev desert in Israel to learn how to heal broken, destroyed and eroded landscapes, create beautiful new habitats and beautify existing or degraded natural environments.

It was in those days that I found my first answers to the questions of life and my first levels of happiness, but also developed an auto-immune disease that I was later blessed to be able to heal through personal research, a pinch of providence, learning to trust my intuition and changing what I was eating and how I was living.

After working in different fields for a few years I was asked to design, build, develop and later manage parts of an Organic Farm and Resort in Southern California, which led me to leave Germany and develop a strong focus on natural health and prevention. Working on a farm and with animals and aromatic plants really can teach you a lot… This assignment posed new challenges and learning opportunities, laying the foundation for my later work and development.

In 2008 I began to refocus strongly on one of my original passions – Natural Medicine. First with a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine from the University of Bridgeport and then with countless trainings with Leaders in the Field and at Integrative Medical Conferences, including Nutritional Genomics, Functional Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and integrative Oncology, studying with and learning from Dr’s Ben Lynch, ND, Joe Pizzorno, ND, Peter D’Adamo, ND, Walter Crinnion, ND, Lyn Patrick, ND, Pejman Katiraei, DO, Keerthy Sunder, MD, Dr. Haase, MD and many others.

I began consulting clients and would say that I learned about 30% from school, 30% from colleagues & professional trainings and 30% from my own, my client’s and my colleague’s experiences and challenges. Once I had a handle on those things I began focusing more on traditional Herbal  (Botanical) Medicine and studied with and learned from the giants in that field, such as David Winston, RH (AHG), Feather Jones, RH (AHG), Peter Bigfoot, Roy Upton, RH (AHG), Donald Yance, RH (AHG) and many others.

I am currently working on a doctoral degree as a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition (DCN) at Maryland University of Integrative Health where I am focusing on the toxic effects of Roundup® and other widely used herbicides and pesticides on human health, and on the beneficial effects of bioactive substances contained in botanical medicines, kitchen herbs, spices, fruits, vegetables and other natural extracts, including their influence on genetic and epigenetic expression, trying to decipher “How we whisper to cancer cells” and “Dodge the Bullet” of chronic disease that will hit us all if we don’t take evasive measures…

In 2019 I shifted my focus again, this time with a keen interest and experiential learning in the fields of (common) trauma work (microtrauma that everybody has experienced, be it from birth, childhood or daily life), hidden traumata (for example before birth or not in conscious memory, but stored in subconscious memory), parental, societal and cultural conditionings and convictions (perspectives on one-self and one’s relation to the world and life itself), effective relaxation techniques and deep meditation / exploration combined with spiritual work and their effects on maximizing human health, happiness and well-being.

It took me decades of observing people around me and life in general, and years of clinical practice, observing my clients and training with the best practitioners in the field to realize that most (chronic) diseases at their deepest root-level  are actually only partly caused by physical or biochemical means, but have an underlying lack of emotional well-being and chronic, low grade (emotional) stress feeding their energetic (nervous system related) effects on the body.

The work of Carl Jung, Stanislav Grof, PhD, Wilhelm Reich, MD and countless others to create this new field of transpersonal psychology is priceless, as well as the discoveries in the Clairvision School of Meditation, founded by Samuel Hagan, MD, Chris Bache, PhD and many others that made it their mission to explore the human psyche. The uncovering of the subconscious parts of our personality and how they affect every single aspect of our conscious day to day life from the background and often unbeknownst to us is still new for many people, but independent of us knowing about it or not, can lead to either success, health and happiness in life, or to unhappiness, loss of vibrancy, failure and disease is just mind boggling.

I am currently studying the effects of deep meditation, science-based breathing techniques, self-motivation, neurolinguistic programming, and de- or reconditioning, perspective changes of perception, psychedelically assisted  therapies and meditation, micro-dosing, fasting, sleep and complete exclusion of light and sound (darkness) on healing the brain and achieving persistent states of happiness, well-being and even feelings of unconditional love that can change your whole being and existence in the world.

With some of my most heart-centered and beloved friends and colleagues we have begun facilitating the development of a worldwide network of retreat centers and spiritual refuges in jaw dropping, breathtaking, stunningly beautiful, virgin, untouched remnants of wild and fractal nature, called “The Institute for Holopathic Medicine”, or short “The White Spots”, which came to me our co-founder Sharn Hobill in a vision and has as its core mission to teach and offer an experiential approach to holopathic healing – healing (optimizing) all levels of the human being- physical, mental and emotional. The first white Spot is currently being build in collaboration with Annie Hansen in Uvita, Costa Rica and will open in Spring 2024.

The work we do in the white spots is still work. Even though it is done in some of the most beautiful environments and with some of the most beautiful people in the world. But it is still work. Sometimes that includes changing one’s whole life and starting fresh. Sometimes it means finding new friends. Always it includes facing one’s “demons” and uncomfortable inner feelings, memories and perspectives, ideally with the help of heart-centered friends or practitioners and lots of compassion, support, patience and love within a community of heart-centered people with healthy boundaries.

With endurance, insistence and effective help, this work can lead to persistent states of happiness that were previously unimaginable or unattainable for the person practicing or event trying to find these techniques. Some people used to spend a lifetime on it without getting there in times past.

I am now devoting my life to achieving and teaching spiritual, emotional and heart-centered breakthroughs in love and happiness with the hope of improving the world by changing one person at a time. Helping one person find their persistent happiness, compassion and love, while maintaining healthy boundaries, friendships and relations to the world. One person, who can then spread their happiness in their network of friends, family, acquaintances and the world.

Changing the world one person at a time. Quality over quantity.

If you are interested and want to try for yourself to become persistently happy, join our efforts or support us, please do not hesitate and contact us. Don’t be shy! It’s your life and you only have one.

Time is precious!



Please contact me with your questions!

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