All my life I have been searching.

For healing, for happiness, for truth, for the secrets of this world.

My search first led me to study Landscape Planning with a focus on Landscape Architecture, Garden Design, Botany, Garden history, Resource Management and Environmental restoration and rehabilitation in Berlin, Germany with internships in Auroville, India and Israel.

It was in those days that I developed an auto-immune disease that I was later able to heal through research, intuition, diet and lifestyle modifications.

After working for a few years I was asked to design, build, develop and later manage parts of an Organic Farm in Southern California, which posed new challenges and learning opportunities and laid the foundation for my later work.

After 2008 I began to refocus on my original passion – Natural Medicine. First with a Master’s degree in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine and then with countless trainings with Leaders in the Field at Integrative Medical Conferences, including Nutritional Genomics, Functional Medicine, Botanical Medicine, Environmental Medicine, Naturopathic Medicine and integrative Oncology.

Once I had a handle on those things I began focusing on traditional Herbal  Medicine and studied with David Winston, RH AHG, Feather Jones, RH, AHG, Peter Bigfoot, Roy Upton, RH, AHG and others.

I am currently working on a doctoral degree as a Doctor of Clinical Nutrition at Maryland University of Integrative Health.

Since 2020 I have shifted my focus on trauma work, hidden traumate and convictions, meditation and spiritual work. after realizing that most (chronic) diseases at the deepest level  are caused by a lack of emotional well-being and chronic stress. The work Stanislav Grof, PhD did for that is priceless, as well as the Clairvision School of Meditation founded by Samuel Hagan, MD and the discovery of transpersonal psychology and the effects of darkness on the brain.

I am currently facilitating the development of a worldwide network of retreat centers and refuges in beautiful , virgin, untouched nature, called “The White Spots”, which came to me in a vision and has as its mission to offer an experiential,  holopathic approach to healing on all levels – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual breakthroughs.


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